Alternative To The Daily Grind

Group a Calleva: Calleva offers programming for a wide variety of organizations. If you are seriously interested in getting the group for some fun outdoor activities, then this is the place. Calleva offers the best programming in the open air for any group size. Here, we cut the program for a variety of skills and activities to suit their goals. All activities can be offered with education, education or experimental. The activities are fun more driving and Calleva is proudly in his group always excited and involved in each case. A positive orientation and quality education, making this event a success. Give the public the chance to develop individually and in groups. Schools: Calleva offers education to exceptional outdoor for schools in the metropolitan area. We go to the school and speak to customize a program for you. Our programming can have different needs for its students and give students a program that you have forgotten.  Company: try to leave the world of the work of his team and give them a competitive advantage. His team and work together in an environment that seeks to improve the self-esteem and the cohesion of the group. An excellent alternative to everyday life, which has a positive effect on the workplace. Scout: Take his troops to the next level, or is an activity that was not previously available. Our pleasure and concern for the safety of the personnel and the tip of the Scouting group educating more alternative to the daily grind and better experiences. Other organizations: no you're so matter what the school, business, or Scout. Well, we are working with many other areas, churches, clubs, etc., by analyzing your audience abroad. There are many options outside parties with your organization that can take advantage of the many programs and resources to Calleva. Parties: If a child or an adulto-anuncio all option of the activities of the party. That come to you (portable climbing wall), or take anywhere to air free. Do you have a great birthday? Party with the gang at Calleva and share their passion for nature with a friend. We can tailor our programs for each group. With disabilities and other needs of the groups established will be ready to adapt to the different needs. Calleva scheduled for groups with special needs (physical, emotional and research) run. We are always interested in thinking outside the box!  Work that we have learned to adapt to personalization unique changing environments of the circumstances & love programs to optimize the dynamics of distinctive group. Contact announces that his group was going to get and many possibilities - please!. .